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  • Diezel Hagen 100w Head Diezel Hagen 100w Head

    Diezel Hagen 100w Head

    The Diezel Hagen is the ultimate 100-watt head for today’s modern player. It features 4 independent Channels (Clean, Crunch, Mega, and Lead) with 4 independent Eq’s delivering any tone imaginable. Quad KT-77 power tubes and 6 12ax& preamp...

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  • Diezel VH2 Diezel VH2

    Diezel VH2

    Rising from the firmly entrenched Diezel VH4 legacy, the VH2 100-watt head roars with the same detailed cleans, punchy mid-gain, and ferocious distorted tones that have come to define the Diezel name. Because some players found the VH4’s...

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  • Diezel VHX Diezel VHX

    Diezel VHX

    There is no denying the iconic roar of Diezel guitar amplifiers. From the minute the VH4 took to the airwaves, their amps have been synonymous with high-gain tones, inspiring cleans, and responsive crunch. Combined with their slew of onboard,...

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  • Diezel Herbert MKIII Diezel Herbert MKIII

    Diezel Herbert MKIII

    The Diezel Herbert is a mighty 180-watt head with three completely independent channels, including separate EQs, for perfectly dialed sounds at any output level. The original Herbert started out as a clean sheet of paper. Peter Diezel’s goal was to...

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