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  • ENGL E840 Poweramp 50/50

    ENGL E840 Poweramp 50/50

    The 2 x 50 watts of this power amp are truly impressive. The four Type 5881 tubes - the original military version of a 6L6 - offer more than enough headroom for every situation. The character of this tube type, rich in overtones, provides an optimal...

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  • ENGL E606SE Ironball Special Edition

    ENGL E606SE Ironball Special Edition

    This amp is designed to officiate as the missing link between the analog and the digital world. Soundwise we made no compromises, so there are no semiconductors in the signal path to keep the sound as pure as possible. This amp is in fact an...

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  • Engl Z12 MIDI Controller

    Engl Z12 MIDI Controller

    With the Z-12 MIDI controller, you have total control over your sounds. The 128 program slots offer plenty of space for all your favourite tones, and operating it is incredibly simple - so nothing keeps you from playing! The Z-12 is either powered by a...

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  • ENGLE 642II Invader II

    ENGLE 642II Invader II

    Can an extremely successful amp like the original Invader be improved at all? The answer is: yes! Meet the Invader II. If you’re on the hunt for peerless tones and variety, the Invader II gives you a flexibility that is second to none. A whopping...

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  • ENGL E635 Fireball 100w Head

    ENGL E635 Fireball 100w Head

    It’s a real hot amp, this Fireball - the name says it all! Even on the Clean channel, you can usher in shimmering crunch tones by pushing the gain control up past 12 o’clock. Over on the Lead channel, though, the gain really gets to flourish...

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  • ENGL E653 Artist Edition 50W Head

    ENGL E653 Artist Edition 50W Head

    This amp has a very special history, it is our amp from the hidden, from the underground of the studios of Los Angeles. Based on the Ritchie Blackmore Amps E650, we designed an amp for Doug Aldrich in 2005. It should contain a few modifications, such as...

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  • ENGL E646 Victor Smolski Ltd. 100w Head

    ENGL E646 Victor Smolski Ltd. 100w Head

    Victor Smolski is a metal guitarist of the modern kind and is one of the world’s best at his craft. His guitar playing has everything it needs: technique, tone and attitude. For his signature amp, we needed to harness all the power, attack and low...

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  • ENGL Z4 Footswitch

    ENGL Z4 Footswitch

    The robust, stainless steel Z-4 dual footswitch is suitable for all our amps for switching two functions, such as Channel and Reverb. The selected channel or feature is displayed via an LED.     Stainless Steel Housing Solid Footswitches with...

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  • ENGL E633 Fireball 25w Head

    ENGL E633 Fireball 25w Head

    This amp is as hot as a Fireball. The Clean channel offers chimey, shimmering cleans and starts to smoothly break up as you edge past 12 o’clock on the gain knob. At higher gain settings, you can wring chimey, shimmering crunch sounds out of this...

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  • ENGL E766 Marty Friedman Inferno 100w Head

    ENGL E766 Marty Friedman Inferno 100w Head

    Once again, collaboration with an extraordinary musician results in a truly exceptional amp. In close cooperation with the six-string virtuoso Marty Friedman, we tailored “his” amp for him. The motto could have been “simple and mightily...

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  • ENGL Z9 MIDI Controller

    ENGL Z9 MIDI Controller

    The Z-9 Footswitch can serve as a simple MIDI controller with 10 memory slots or for ENGL amps with S.A.C. operate the Channel switching and other features. Power is supplied via MIDI cable, power supply or S.A.C. interface.   Stainless Steel...

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  • ENGL E645 Powerball II 100w Head

    ENGL E645 Powerball II 100w Head

    No compromise, ultra low end, versatile ROCK/METAL amp. 4 channels lead to where no ENGL amp has gone before. The Sonic Evolution of ENGL sounds, from crystal clean to crispy crunch ñ tight fat rhythm to punchy lead sounds in conjunction with low...

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  • ENGL E650 Ritchie Blackmore V2 100w Head

    ENGL E650 Ritchie Blackmore V2 100w Head

    Ritchie Blackmore is not just a well-known player; he created THE most famous guitar riff in the universe! For us, this was reason enough to have him as an ENGL artist. Ritchie has an incredibly fine ear for tone and has had a long-standing impact on...

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  • ENGL E610II Savage 120 MK2 120w Head

    ENGL E610II Savage 120 MK2 120w Head

    Features 4 Channels: Clean, Crunch I, Crunch II, Lead All Tube Head 2 Tube buffered FX Loops (each with Balance control) Noise Gate Master A/B Power Tube Monitor Ground Lift Switch MIDI: MIDI in / MIDI thru Engl MIDI-Footcontroller Phantom Power...

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