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  • KSR Vesta Pre Amp

    KSR Vesta Pre Amp

    The Vesta contains a brand new set of voices along with a familiar feature set. Based on a couple of your favorite amps of the 80s and 90s, you’ll feel right at home. Picture a classic Crunch tone suitable for rock and blues, along with a familiar...

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  • KSR Ceres 3ch Preamp

    KSR Ceres 3ch Preamp

    One of the baddest things to come out of NAMM 2019 was KSR's intro into the pedal game. They didn't just dip their toes in, they went in head first, and put everyone else on notice. Introducing the new Ceres Preamp! What KSR has done here, is manage to...

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  • KSR Eros Boost+EQ

    KSR Eros Boost+EQ

    It’s not your typical boost. It will boost clean, add a little grit, or add distortion. It has a 3-band active EQ for precision sculpting. Use it in front to add grit to a clean or crunch channel. Or, sculpt your amp’s distortion response, as...

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