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Tech Services


We offer a wide array of professional tech services here at Chondro Guitars. Looking for a setup or in need of your tube amp bias? We can help you out with that.  Our in-house techs can handle almost anything you need to get your amp/guitar back up to speed. We offer the most competitive rates in the aera with a reasonable turnaround time.  Give us a call at 414-241-7636 or stop by the shop and we can have a look.


Guitar Services

Setups Fixed Bridge     50.00      Tremolo     70.00

Pickup Install      25.00 Per Pickup

Fret Dress     150.00

Neck Reset     250.00

Other Services are by a case by case basis.


Amp Services

Tube Amp Bias     50.00

All other work is on a case by case basis.